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Network 0x05 - Stage 2
Brin made her way to the conversion room, ready for the next stage of her conversion. Her legs has been fully calibrated, and they made a soft whirring sound with every step. She couldn't believe the precision these legs offered her. She was able to feel in her legs, thanks to sensors embedded into the plastic. The sound of metal on metal every time her boot touched the ground reminded her of what she would become. She arrived at her destination.
Aurora smiled. “Hello, Brin,” she said, “did you rest well?”
“Yes, I am feeling well rested,” Brin replied.
“I'm glad to hear that, it's been so long since I last ‘slept'.” Aurora did not need organic sleep now that she was a gynoid. Brin nodded, this was one of the benefits she was looking forward to. She walked over to the table, lying down on it as her friend explained what the procedure would be. Her lower torso would be replaced almost completely. More nanites would enter her bloodstream, and her belly would be replaced with a flexible rubber. Brin only half paid attention to the exclamation as she prepared herself for the procedure.
As soon as Aurora asked her if she was ready, she nodded. “Very well,” Aurora said with a smile, “Unit 1 beginning stage two.” She could have just transmitted that over the network, but her friend wouldn't be able up hear it.
Brin watched as Aurora stiffened slightly, her programming taking greater control. As she raised her hand up, a robotic arm defended and removed her hand. A few seconds later, it attached some sort of tool in its place. Aurora wiggled it around a bit before turning to Brin. She instantly felt herself straightening her body completely as her neural implant activated.The robotic arm extended from the ceiling again, this time with surgical tools on the end. Aurora got right to work. Thanks to the implant, Brin felt no pain during the process. First, her abdomen was sliced open, and many organs removed and replaced with synthetic versions. She felt pleasure with each new device installed. Brin’s intestines were removed, and replaced with a device designed to absorb special “cyborg food". Until she was processed enough to receive all she needed from charging, she would gain her energy from this “cyborg food”. After her abdomen was completely cyberized, a plastic shell was inserted over it. After that, her mid torso was replaced with flexible, ribbed rubber, to allow for movement. She felt a pleasant, tingling sensation as the robotic arm began sealing the plastic shell. As that happened, Aurora began installing breast plating for modesty. A burst of pleasure rushed through her as the skin there was replaced with smooth, hard plastic, and she would have been squirming with delight had her implant not prevented that.
“Drowning in bliss… this is what conversion has in store for me…”

If you enjoy my works, please consider purchasing a download. You will recieve a high resolution, lossless PNG render, as well as some bonus content, depending on the image. This helps me to continue producing works and buy new assets and plugins (such as new figures, props, and render engines). Thank you.


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